Astrology, symbols, and superstitions are still deeply embedded in Chinese culture.

8 [bā](八) sounds like [fā](发), as in [fācái](发财), which means to get rich.

Chinese often seek horoscope readers [suànmìng](算命) when they encounter misfortunes or even a lack of good fortunes, and they will even change their names if the numbers suggest it will lead to a reversal of fortunes.

• This MINDSET of luck and fortunes is an undercurrent in Chinese culture, and it offers another reason why Chinese logic is often irrational compared to Western reasoning.

• The KEY for foreigners in China is be open-minded to the possibility of 'luck' because it eliminates circular conversations that could never reach a consensus (save time).

• The GOAL should always be to move forward, and not get stuck on cultural semantics. This often requires an adjustment of your attitude, mindset, and approach.

The date 11/11 or November 11 is Single's Day, and it is the largest single shopping day phenomenon in the world (Read Bloomberg Businessweek), so understanding this Chinese mindset can open the door for additional opportunities.

SHANGHAI INTERNATIONAL MEETUP group crossed eight (8) thousand members, so it is a moment to celebrate, and it is an opportunity to send a promotional message.

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