CLD Podcast #2: From Thought Leadership To Adoption In China (Josh Steimle)

Josh Steimle coaches C-suite executives to become thought leaders, founder of MWI, author of Chief Marketing Officers at Work and 100+ articles in Inc., Time, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Fast Company, Mashable, and TechCrunch.

Josh has been running his marketing agency, online masterclasses, and other business ventures from Shenzhen because of his quest to adopt an older daughter from China. His incredible adjustments are a remarkable example of being empathetic in cross-cultural relationships. In this episode, Josh drops by for an unplanned, unscripted chat about business, life, and China.

Listen to Josh's journey as he moved his entire family, wife and two children to live in China so they can prepare culturally to receive their new daughter ("Gotcha Day"), who won't be able to speak any English.

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Gene J. Hsu is the founder of EME China Consultants and creator/host of the China Leadership Dilemma Podcast. Gene specializes in training and coaching individuals to solve their own China Leadership Dilemmas (CLDs) by creating more positive perceptions and thereby favorable outcomes across dichotomous cultural differences.

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