CLD Podcast #7: Empowering The Asia Startup Ecosystem Thru Cultural Awareness

Gustavo Liu is a true global citizen if there was ever such a person.

He was born in Taiwan, raised in Latin America, educated in the US and UK, worked in Taiwan and the US, and now he is based in Singapore to help startups, future leaders, and entrepreneurs as CEO and co-founder of The Hungry Lab Asia.

Gus shares some amazing cultural reflections as well as stories of Westerners pitching Asian investors to disastrous outcomes, a true China Leadership Dilemma (CLD), and without a doubt an unexpected, and embarrassing, disappointment. 

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About the Author

Gene J. Hsu is the founder of EME China Consultants and creator/host of the China Leadership Dilemma Podcast. Gene specializes in training and coaching individuals to solve their own China Leadership Dilemmas (CLDs) by creating more positive perceptions and thereby favorable outcomes across dichotomous cultural differences.

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