CLD Podcast #9: A Positive Mindset Overcomes Post-9/11 Biases To Empower Startups

Venkatesh Sankaran (Ven) was undeterred to transition his life and family from India to America in October 2001, less than a month after the tragic events of 9/11.

Ven's journey towards success in life and business in America is empowered by his positive attitude, empathy, and eternal enthusiasm to embrace uncertainty.

Listen to this extraordinary story how Ven relocates his entire family to New York City immediately after 9/11 only to embrace a new culture, new friends, and new opportunities to become a technology innovation solutions provider for promising technology startup companies. 

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About the Author

Gene J. Hsu is the founder of EME China Consultants and creator/host of the China Leadership Dilemma Podcast. Gene specializes in training and coaching individuals to solve their own China Leadership Dilemmas (CLDs) by creating more positive perceptions and thereby favorable outcomes across dichotomous cultural differences.

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