CLD Stories & Lessons #9: COMMUNICATIONS with your a new team in China

Q1: How do I communicate effectively with my new team in China and get them to “speak up” and openly discuss the problems or issues (4 minutes 12 seconds)?

Key takeaways:

• Be aware of a 'Paratrooper Manager' backlash when you are assigned to lead in China
• Be aware there is little incentive for Chinese who report to you to 'proactively' report problems or issues
• Be aware that 'communication issues' are about 'culture', not language
• Be aware that 'explaining' things clearly and concisely will not work if good 'Guanxi' relationships aren't established first
• Be aware that 'until they trust you', they won't proactively communicate problems or issues, even when pressed
• Be aware that it is a 'loss of FACE' if their new boss perceives only problems and issues, so you would focus on developing 'Guanxi' and collaborating before tackling problems

This question was asked during second webinar in the 'Mindset for China Business' series was held live on August 8, 2018.

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