Q2: How do I create this system of reciprocity with my local team to develop ‘Guanxi’ relationships to improve our communication (5 minutes 38 seconds)?

Key takeaways:

• You should focus on developing 'Guanxi' relationships with a core team that you elevate in authority
• Make a point to have informal, non-business engagements with your core team members
• They have to 'trust' you and feel that you 'respect' them before they would be willing to proactively share information with you
• Patience is necessary for developing 'Guanxi' relationships
• Elevate core leaders with acknowledgement (giving FACE). This is not a weakness.
• Acknowledgement and giving FACE begins the system of reciprocity, which is the foundation for developing 'trust'
• Ask for help, it's a good thing if you owe someone a favor (goodwill) because reciprocity is a continuous exchange of goodwill and favors. If you never own anyone anything, then there is no reciprocity exchanged and now 'Guanxi'

This question was asked during second webinar in the 'Mindset for China Business' series was held live on August 8, 2018.

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Gene J. Hsu is the founder of EME China Consultants and creator/host of the China Leadership Dilemma Podcast. Gene specializes in training and coaching individuals to solve their own China Leadership Dilemmas (CLDs) by creating more positive perceptions and thereby favorable outcomes across dichotomous cultural differences.

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