Cross-Cultural Performance Mastery

What does CRUSHING IT in China or any foreign culture feel like?

"Are you FRUSTRATED by the things and people that you have to deal with overseas?"

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This guide covers everything from a full-day workshop that costs $395 to attend or $2,000 if you were to receive eight hours of private, cross-cultural performance coaching. In addition to the guide, you will also receive: 

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MORE IMPORTANTLY, you will begin your journey with us to become a master of cross-cultural performance...

You've probably been frustrated or disappointed with some of these issues...








And what about the confusing nature of communicating with Chinese people?

Superficial FACE GIVING that

masks true intentions

Complaints about FAIRNESS

that appears selfish

EXCUSES/SILENCE instead of SOLUTIONS when you seek answers

Or the challenges of finding the "RIGHT" PARTNER or local team leader in China?


and discover how to CRUSH IT! In China! or any cross-cultural situation!


I was MYOPIC and lacked the Essential Soft Skills That Matter (ESSTM) when I received my first China expat assignment in 2011. 


I thought 15 years of prior experience in Greater China plus 100% fluency in Mandarin Chinese more than qualified me to lead a reorganization in APAC region that included China. 




"Speaking fluent Chinese doesn't mean you know what to say in Chinese!"


I also didn't fully understand how to interpret the HONEYMOON PERIOD in China.


From the moment I was picked up at the airport, I was treated like the king of Asia! Whatever I wanted, needed, and or even hinted at was immediately offered.  


My key local manager in China acted as my personal concierge, strategic advisor, and China business consultant all rolled up into one. 


So naturally, I trusted and empowered him! And on the surface, everything seemed to be going great! 


Below the surface, while I was myopic with too many UNKNOWN UNKNOWNS, my reputation was slowly being sabotaged. This is The Art of War at play where anyone who doesn’t have the highest level of GUANXI might be considered an adversary. 


My local manager needed to protect corrupt activities that he knew I would be able to uncover given my local China experience and language capabilities. 

HINT: Foreign leaders must discover a way to reconcile the different shades of gray between perceived corruption and local cultural norms.

His efforts to develop GUANXI with me never led to a path of salvation for him, because my lack of awareness and empathy never offered him a viable exit strategy. 


He eventually began a campaign of misdirection! 

HINT: There are levers to influence the perception of others that masters of cross-cultural performance can employ with great precision.  

Without this training, I was led to make a series of embarrassing proposals, while seeds were being planted throughout the organization that were slowly creating doubt in my reputation and credibility. 


By the time I realized these clandestine activities against me, there was no winning strategy to continue. 

HINT: Local success requires an adapted modus operandi (MO) that reflects a Mindset For China Business 

I quietly negotiated an amicable separation and began a new journey to quantify the “lessons learned” and develop training systems to help other China expats and global leaders to solve them. 


I call these “unexpected disappointments” China Leadership Dilemmas (CLDs), and for the past five years I have been developing a training and coaching system to train masters of cross-cultural performance to solve them.

"Your lecture was so clear and persuasive..."

Thank you so much for the great webinar which I truly enjoyed and learned so much! Your lecture was so clear and persuasive with specific case study which vividly illustrate challenges foreign managers experience in China. The discussion after your lecture was very effective and stimulating because of your insightful answers to my questions. I will give the highest rating to your webinar which is the best I have ever experienced. I am looking forward to your next webinar and definitely will bring more friends of mine to your future webinars.

KENNY C.  //  Mindset for China Business webinar participant

Masters of cross-cultural performance IMPROVE OUTCOMES when leading local employees, partnering with local companies, and negotiating with local government officials. 


Practitioners improve decision-making, reduce wasteful allocation of resources, and create better brand reputations. 


  • If you have P&L RESPONSIBILITIES (in China), you should be able to quantify the financial impact of taking a more positive trajectory versus a negative one. 


  • If you value your TIME AND ENERGY, you should be able to justify the value of having greater clarity for your decisions. 


  • If you care about your PERSONAL REPUTATION, then beginning a journey to master the art of cross-cultural performance should be priceless.

HINT: It's not just about being more successful, it's about a more rewarding journey towards your destination.

As you begin to adjust your modus operandi (MO), which is your approach based on your attitude and mindset, as you begin to think differently and embrace uncertainty, and as you become a master of cross-cultural performance... 


You will also experience many ADDITIONAL benefits: 


  • Lower STRESS and anxiety
  • FEWER disappointments 
  • Greater CONFIDENCE from being optimistic and having more positive energy 
  • More TIME from developing a perspective that leads to better decision-making 
  • Better RELATIONSHIPS, business and personal

"Provided unique and practical insights..."

Working in a diverse cultural environment like Shanghai, your creation of the Cross Culture Performance model and your group coaching sessions were extremely valuable to me and others that attended the session. Your experience working with leaders in China provided unique and practical insights into how to bridge cultural differences in real-world settings. Your coaching approach and the use of your framework helped people to get beyond the cultural stereotypes and understand how to show empathy and build relationships across cultures. I wish you success as you help others in the US gain these same insights.

JAMES W.  //  Vistage China CEO

"Break down problems and essentially solve them..."

Gene coached me since last year. It plays an important role in my career development. Especially in a multinational corporation, understanding each other's cultural background is the key to effective communication. In a fast-growing market, it sounds good when you having multiple choices / opportunities in the future, but choosing one of them will be difficult. Sometimes we need to thinking differently, and analyze the pros and cons from different angles. I also learned how to break down problems and essentially solve them. 

L. YANG  //  M&S Director in China for American MNC 

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