We love engaging with people and understanding their China Leadership Dilemmas, so it is not unusual for Gene’s keynote speaking engagements to be free. This may occur when there is no travel or overnight stay needed, but the event must also meet certain criteria.

  • The topic is related to global business, culture, soft skills, China, leadership, communications, negotiations, or career development.
  • The event is not overly commercial in its intents. For example, speaking to a group of MBA students is always welcome.

Gene’s standard speaking fee is $2,500 for a keynote up to 90 minutes. Gene’s last speaking engagement was Bank of America Merrill Lynch on March 7, 2017.


Born: September 15, 1969 in Atlanta, GA (United States)

Current residence: Irvine, CA

Previous residence: Shanghai, China (2012- 2017)

Occupation: Founder & CEO, EME China Consultants. Also keynote speaker, MBA instructor, cross-cultural management teacher, PMS consultant, mentor.

Hobbies: Guitar, piano, song-writing, pocket billiards, general fitness and nutrition. I begin every Monday thru Saturday morning with 20 minutes of interval training (intermittent fasting), and I drink a high-protein smoothie for breakfast.

Credentials related to cross-cultural performance and doing business in China:

  • Cross-Cultural Performance Forum and OC China Business Forum Meetup event host and organizer
  • MBA class instructor (SISU MBA, ECUST MBA)
  • Cross-Cultural Management course instructor (HKU-IBC)
  • EMBA and MBA class guest speaker (Topic: Mindset for China Business)
  • Commercial Excellence & PMS onsite project consultant in China
  • APAC Sales Director position based in Shanghai
  • Global Account Manager
  • Asia Engineering and Business Development Manager
  • Country Manager, Taiwan

Copy and paste bio (edit as needed): Gene is an American born Chinese (ABC) with over 20 years of cross-cultural management, business development, consulting, and teaching experience in APAC and Greater China. Gene began managing key accounts, establishing channel partners, and developing new business in Mainland China in 2004. Gene received his first permanent assignment in Shanghai in 2012, leading all sales in Asia Pacific for a German B2B manufacturing company. Gene has led M&S activities in Asia for several MNCs, worked as a PMS consultant at Chinese state-owned enterprises (SOEs), started a cross-cultural performance training, coaching, and consulting business, and founded the most diverse Meetup group in Shanghai that has grown organically to over 7,000+ members and hosted over 200+ events. Gene has taught MBA and EMBA classes in Shanghai and the US and cross-cultural management courses to Chinese executives at HKU-IBC locations in Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Beijing. EME China Consultants, the latest entrepreneurial iteration of Gene’s passion for coaching people towards more favorable outcomes thru self-awareness and empathy, is positioned at the intersection of soft skills development and doing business in China. Gene speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese, and he has a BSME and MBA degree from Georgia Tech.

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  • China Leadership Dilemmas (CLDs)
  • Cross-Cultural Management TRAINING COURSES (in Chinese and English)
  • Mindset for China Business WORKSHOPS
  • Cross-Cultural Performance EXECUTIVE COACHING & MENTORING
  • Cross-Cultural KEYNOTE SPEAKER


You can read endorsements from my past students, clients, and mentees on my LinkedIn profile. I specialize in “A Mindset for China Business” (endorsement letter).