The Mindset Report #1: China Business 101 & Cross-Cultural Performance

This episode is a replay of the 1st of 9 MINDSET FOR CHINA BUSINESS Webinars recorded on July 25, 2018.

Gene J. Hsu introduces the journey to become a master of cross-cultural performance to build a foundation for understanding how to navigate the complexities of doing business in China. The GUANXI ENGINE is discussed as the foundation for all business and personal relationships in China.

The MINDSET Report is media content that triggers imagination and curiosity for you to add purpose and make positive in order to CRUSH IT In China!

About the Author

Gene J. Hsu is the founder of EME China Consultants and creator/host of the China Leadership Dilemma Podcast. Gene specializes in training and coaching individuals to solve their own China Leadership Dilemmas (CLDs) by creating more positive perceptions and thereby favorable outcomes across dichotomous cultural differences.

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