The Mindset Report #7: Chinese Consumers

This a replay of the keynote portion of the Mindset for China Business (MFCB-W8) webinar (LEADERSHIP in China) recorded on October 31, 2018.

What is LEADERSHIP, and how can we more successfully lead in China?

What are the KEY Leadership qualities needed to inspire people in China?

What additional Leadership SKILLS can we develop for China, and what INSIGHTS do we lack? 

In this webinar, we introduce BOE Analysis, a cross-cultural performance concept of imagining possible behaviors or reactions at opposing extremes to develop greater context and perspective without judgment.

We will also discuss the China Leadership Path, and how it is actually circular just like Chinese reasoning. But the MOST IMPORTANT aspect is understanding our perceptions and misconceptions in the context of leading China. We discuss what Chinese VALUE most and the common mistakes most foreign leaders make in China.

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