NOTE: This might be worth reading .. IF you have significant exposure in China .. AND you are a decision-maker

The premise behind China Advisory and Consulting Services at EME China Consultants is simple to conceptualize, but problematic in practice because very few people can reconcile their incongruent beliefs when assailed with absurd assertions.

Simply put, most people don't care about the disconnect between what we FEEL and what others FEEL.

Cross-cultural performance is connecting what we SAY and what we DO to what others PERCEIVE.

Making this connection requires self-awareness and empathy, two foundational soft skills that cannot be taught or learned, BUT you can master them with the right training regimen.


  • PERCEPTIONS are the #1 Influencer of OUTCOMES!
  • MISPERCEPTIONS are the #1 Cause of lost revenue, wasted expenditures, and negative reputation!

What you normally say and how you typically behave may seem innocuous, but the implications from the precedents and perceptions you leave behind after each cross-cultural engagement will amplify over time.

The "things you don't know you don't know" (unknown unknowns) are the most significant cause of lost revenue, wasted expenditures, and negative reputation in China.

The only thing that might be more harmful is "things you think you know that are actually wrong in the Chinese cultural context" (false known knowns).


CAUTION: EME China Advisory & Consulting Services would NOT benefit you if are not curious about discovering answers to the following questions

  • What is the difference between a disappointing outcome and an unexpected disappointment?
  • What is the VALUE of achieving predictably more favorable outcomes for myself and my business endeavors?
  • What is contextually significant about Chinese culture compared to more Western cultures?


CAUTION: As you are digesting NEW scenarios and ways of thinking, you must imagine positive explanations for anything that causes a negative emotion

  • Assume there are NO universal values
  • Assume that your linear reasoning (logic) is flawed in a holistic context (or vice versa)
  • Assume positive intentions in the face of confrontational rhetoric


NOTE: The primary purpose of EME China Advisory & Consulting Services is to reduce and ultimately eliminate your China Leadership Dilemmas or CLDs

China Leadership Dilemmas or CLDs results when we experience an unexpected disappointment where prior ways of thinking, working, and behaving did not lead to the intended positive reactions nor expected outcomes for any cross-cultural engagement, and they are symptoms of myopia, unknown unknowns, and a lack of awareness and empathy.


What happens when you combine executive coaching, intercultural training, and cross-cultural performance tactics?

ANSWER: You develop the ability to "coach yourself" towards ever higher levels of awareness, foresight, and clairvoyance

The overarching framework for developing an arsenal of soft skills for conquering all your cross-cultural challenges is a mindset adjustment. There is a difference between what we LEARNwhat we ADJUST, and what we DEVELOP; so it is essential to conceptualize and contextualize this distinction.

#1 - You cannot LEARN empathy or self-awareness (foundational soft skills)

#2 - You can only DEVELOP greater awareness with the right mindset (positive imagination + purpose-driven curiosity)

#3 - Your AMA Values ADJUST naturally to harmonize difficult cross-cultural engagements as your awareness and empathy increase

#4 - Your AMA Values (attitude, mindset, approach) are the only levers that are 100% CONTROLLABLE to influence perceptions and outcomes

#5 - You must ignore and forget all UNCONTROLLABLE factors

#6 - Your attitude must be POSITIVE

#7 - Your mindset must be OPTIMISTIC


Only thru becoming a master of cross-cultural performance can you achieve more favorable outcomes in China, consistently and predictably! 


Whereas typical advisors provide market research, analysis, insights, and entry strategies; their services typically end when your journey begins…

Whereas traditional consultants provide partner recommendations, arrangements, negotiation prep, and risk mitigation strategies; you are still left to navigate a cultural minefield with myopic lenses…

Whereas human capital, people performance, and leadership programs measure and develop talent, they don’t solve China Leadership Dilemmas (CLDs)…


  • FREE Mindset for China Business (MFCB) - live webinars beginning on July 25, 2018. Learn about the GUANXI Engine that empowers all relationships in China, understand Chinese giving and receiving of FACE in the proper cultural context, and develop a framework for achieving more favorable outcomes across all business and personal engagements. 
  • China Leadership Dilemmas - China Leadership Dilemmas or CLDs results when we experience an unexpected disappointment where prior ways of thinking, working, and behaving did not lead to the intended positive reactions nor expected outcomes for any cross-cultural engagement, and they are symptoms of myopia, unknown unknowns, and a lack of awareness and empathy.
  • CLD NATION - Facebook Group, a fellowship, dedicated to assisting companions on a journey towards cross-cultural performance mastery -- developing and employing soft skills to achieve more predictable and favorable outcomes.
  • Orange County (OC) China Business Forum - Meetup Group in Southern California

SOURCE: EME China Consultants


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