Cross-Cultural Performance Mastery is a leadership development system that focuses on improving outcomes via perception management. It trains you to develop essential soft skills that will empower you to crush it in China or any cross-cultural environment.


Gene is creator and host of the China Leadership Dilemma Podcast, a weekly interview show that explores the impactful nuances of culture across the deepest levels of awareness.  

 Gene is also founder and CEO of EME China Consultants, a cross-cultural performance training and China business advisory services agency, and he is the author of The China Leadership Dilemma scheduled for release in December 2018. 

"I am as American as football and apple pie, but I am also 100% fluent in Mandarin Chinese. For over 20+ years, I fully assimilated into every cross-cultural interaction where I discovered the critical importance of AWARENESS and EMPATHY as the primary gateways into social acceptance and long-term success." 


Since 2007, I've been delivering 'Mindset for China Business' workshops and keynotes to MBA/EMBA/IMBA students, Meetup events, and clients throughout the world.

By moving online, I hope to help more people understand how to navigate the dichotomies between Chinese and Western cultures by developing essential soft skills and adjusting that which we can 100% CONTROL to create positive perceptions that lead to more favorable outcomes


  • China expats and business leaders who have significant exposure with Chinese stakeholders
  • Global managers that deal with local Chinese partners.
  • Individuals that want to develop essential soft skills for doing business in multi-cultural business environments.

  • Learn the major cultural dichotomies between China and the West and how to successfully navigate them and avoid stepping on a cultural landmine.
  • Understand Chinese culture and discover how to create real 'Guanxi' relationships that minimize friction and accelerate growth and profitability.
  • Discover your myopia to avoid lost revenue, wasted expenditures, and a negative reputation for yourself and your business.

    "I love engaging with all type of people, from students to CEOs, from North America to Europe, and to Asia and back again. It is only thru interacting with a diversity of individuals that I continue to sharpen my own essential soft skills, and I want to help you do the same. Let's embark on the journey towards success together (#jts20)."