How to Become a MASTER of Cross-Cultural Performance

Human nature compels most of us on an eternal quest for higher success — we endeavor to discover the fast track, we follow motivational speakers and influencers, and we consume content in the form of tips, suggestions, and lessons. If an influencer entertains us, we can’t seem to get enough, and we soon become skilled at […]

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Not understanding the cultural context of ‘goodwill’ in China led to misdirection, back-stabbing, and sabotage!

Reciprocity and the exchange of favors are customary in China, so it was no surprise that my most senior direct report tried to anticipate and fulfill my every need.Richard was China Sales Manager when I accepted my role as Sales Director, APAC. In hindsight, my appearance on the scene was both a potential opportunity and […]

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Don’t Allow your Unknown Unknowns to cost you millions in lost revenue, opportunity costs, and reputation (in China)

NOTE: This might be worth reading .. IF you have significant exposure in China .. AND you are a decision-maker The premise behind China Advisory and Consulting Services at EME China Consultants is simple to conceptualize, but problematic in practice because very few people can reconcile their incongruent beliefs when assailed with absurd assertions. Simply put, most people don’t […]

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